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Winding Very Smooth Fish Line Winding Machine

Winding Very Smooth Fish Line Winding Machine

winding very smooth fish line winding machine

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winding very smooth fish line winding machine




winding fish line wire diametercan wind any fish line
winding spoold diameter0-280mm
winding spool width0-210mm
power220V 50HZ
winding motorservo motor
reverse motorservo motor
machine size length 40xwidth 31x height 66cm
machine weight55KG
packing sizelength 60xwidth 51xheight 86cm
packing weight80kg



1. The self-developed controller has faster calculation speed and effectively reduces the wiring error. The servo motor cable is neat and tidy.

2. It adopts cast iron box body and special tension precision wire arranging mechanism.

3. Full-screen LCD display makes operation more convenient and quick.

4. The input and output are optically isolated, and the chip operates normally and stably.

5. The power-off automatically saves the winding data, effectively avoiding the scrapped coil.

6. Smart input makes the winding point and the width of the cable convenient and fast.

7. The spindle speed rise time can be set, the spindle speed can be raised and lowered in real time, and there is an overspeed tracking function.

9. The cable is reversing intelligently decelerating, and there is a larger cable torque at the same time as the quick cable.

10. The mechanical structure is optimized and the mechanical part runs smoothly.

11. Adopting imported bearings and belts from Japan, Taiwan imported screw rods have stable performance.

12. The machine is equipped with a meter meter device, which can set the product winding length of 100m, 150m, 200m, etc. according to customer's requirements, which can accurately wind the length and save cost.


  Suitable for winding fishing wire on spools.

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