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Manual Winding Machine For Transformers

Manual Winding Machine For Transformers

manual winding machine for transformers

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              manual winding machine for transformers

The manual winding machine is suitable for coils with high precision, small batch size transformers, inductors, solenoid valves, etc. The manual winding machine designed and manufactured by our company is firm and reliable, easy to operate and flexible, stable in performance, high in turning precision and accurate in counting.


Manual winding machine features:

1. Manual winding machine adapts to the range: parallel winding, winding, transformer winding.

2. Manual winding machine for wire diameter: 0.05--2.0mm.

3. Winding product size: small products with a diameter of 100mm

 or a length of 80Xa width of 60Xand a height of 60mm small products.

4.  ratio: 1:5, that is, HAND turn 1 turn,in fact the coil had winded 5turns.

5. The inner diameter of the machine shaft is 12mm.

6. High quality  5-digit code .

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