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The 14th China Guangzhou International Electric Heating Exhibition 2018

- Jul 30, 2018 -

 The 14th China Guangzhou international electric heating exhibition 2018

 The 14th China Guangzhou international electric heating exhibition 18Aug-20Aug will be hold in Guangzhou ,welcome world friends come to visit fair and come to our Zhongshan WeiDing winding machinery manuafacturing co.,ltd to see the heating coil winding machine,from Guangzhou TO Zhongshan our factory only 30Minutes by rail way high speed train.

Range of exhibition:

Electric heating equipment, industrial heating equipment

Industrial electric heater, explosion-proof electric heater, electric heat tracing system, electric heating boiler, electric heating oil furnace, electric furnace (resistance furnace, induction furnace, vacuum furnace, electron beam furnace, electric kiln furnace, tin furnace, washing machine, air conditioner, refrigerator) , electric water heater, electric heater, rice cooker, deep fryer, egg cooker, rice cooker, coffee pot, electric kettle, electric cooker, electric blanket, electric iron, hot and cold water dispenser, microwave oven, electric oven, induction cooker, dry Clothes machine, disinfection cabinet, microwave heating device, etc.


Electric heating pipe and accessories, materials

Coffee pot tube, rice cooker tube, electric frying pan tube, washing machine tube, refrigerator tube, air conditioning tube, electric oven tube, electric iron tube, bread machine tube, egg cooker tube and other types of water and air burning heating elements; Head tube, heating plate, finned fin radiator, heating ring and other industrial electric components, electric heating wire, magnesium oxide powder, ceramic parts, terminal pins, flanges, sealing glue, rubber stopper, epoxy resin, magnesium rod, Copper pipe, stainless steel pipe, copper plated iron pipe, aluminum pipe, welded pipe, high temperature wire, metal belt, far infrared electric heating material, PTC electric heating element, electric heating plate, electric heating belt, electric heating plate, electric heating film, electric heating ring, electric heating rod, electric Heating cable, light wave electric heating material, thermistor, electric thermocouple, electric heating core, mica heating sheet, ceramic heating sheet, electrothermal casting, thermostat, etc.;



Electric heating pipe manufacturing equipment

Pipe shrinking machine, pipe bending machine, wire winding machine, powder filling machine, automatic pipe welding machine, pipe cutting machine, stretching machine, pipe welding unit, pipe cutting machine, terminal press machine, spot welding machine, oil pressure shaping equipment, Mesh belt furnace, fusion welding machine, end lathe, short-circuit annealing machine, marking machine, inkjet printer, electric oven, etc.;


 China Zhongshan WeiDing winding machinery 

heating coil winding machine

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Full Auto Heating coil windign machine,no need pepple working,fast production