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Hello, Israel! I Am Zhongshan WeiDing Winding Machine

- Nov 17, 2018 -

Hello, Israel! I am Zhongshan WeiDing Winding Machine

Speaking of Israel


Its unique exotic flavor



But actually Israel is still

Research level is located

The “tip of the pyramid” of the global technological innovation “pyramid”

The world's highest proportion of engineers!

    The world's highest R&D expenditures accounted for!

In high-tech industries, health medicine,

Modern agriculture and other fields

Have made great achievements

■ 2017 is the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Israel.  China President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Netanyahu jointly announced the establishment of an "innovative and comprehensive partnership" between China and Israel.

■ In 2018, China Vice President Wang Qishan visited Israel and co-chaired the fourth meeting of the China-Israel Joint Commission on Innovation and Cooperation with Prime Minister Netanyahu.

November 13-15, 2018

Guangdong Zhongshan city Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Xudong led the Zhongshan delegation

Going to Israel to conduct economic and trade exchange activities

During the trip, Chen Xudong made a special trip to Ran Ber, Director of Israel's Ministry of Science, Technology and Space, and Chief Scientist Alexander Bligh, Ami Appelbaum, Chairman of the Israel Innovation Bureau and Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, to discuss the construction of an innovative ecosystem.



Chen Xudong said

The Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, which was personally planned, personally deployed and personally promoted by China President Xi Jinping, has become a hot topic in the global economic community. Zhongshan is located in the geometric center of Dawan District. On October 24, 2018, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge was officially opened, allowing Zhongshan to further integrate into the one-hour life circle in Dawan District. In the future, the Shenzhen-China Passage will connect Zhongshan with Shenzhen on the other side. Zhongshan is confident to seize the once-in-a-lifetime strategic opportunity and shoulder the historical mission of building the Dawan District.


Alexander Bligh,Chief Scientist, Israel Ministry of Science, Technology and Space

1-Regarding the anti-counterfeiting application of graphene quantum dot technology, China Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has obtained the exclusive authorization of Dotz Nano, and the project has settled in Zhongshan;

2-Breaking through the difficulties of China's independent licensing of innovative drugs, it has led to the signing of Chinese pharmaceutical companies such as Orbis Pharmaceuticals (Global Innovative Medicine Collection) and Zhongshan Kangfang Biomedical Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Taiji Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd.




The Hebrew University has a large number of talents, and has pioneering achievements in the fields of biomedicine and modern agriculture. Among them, Isham is the school's scientific and technological achievements transformation center. Over 50 years ago, the agency has registered more than 10,000 patents for more than 2,800 inventions, authorized about 900 technologies, and divested about 130 independent companies. . The sacred fruit planting technology is from here to thousands of households, and 70% of the global sacred fruit is derived from Israel.

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