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Automatic Winding Machine

- Jan 24, 2018 -

With Japan as a pioneer, to meet the rising labor and product quality requirements of the high emergence of the aircraft. Through the motor, electric components, pneumatic components, transmission, sensors, control systems, such as a combination of a high degree of automation equipment. Can usually automatically cable, Tang Tou, broken line clip, twisting, loading and unloading. Operators only need to ensure adequate raw materials, in the absence of workpieces or copper timely exchange can ensure continuous production, usually a higher number of axes, in order to achieve efficient production. A machine with a high degree of automation meets the requirements of one employee to take care of multiple devices at the same time.

Priority: Operators do not need training directly induction, high production efficiency, product quality, long hours without interruption.

Disadvantages: the price is higher than the semi-automatic equipment, take time to recover the cost benefits, the need for specialized equipment technicians to ensure the operation of equipment, fault repair more complicated, more difficult to change the product range.

Suitable for mass production of single mature products.