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Winding machine automatic type and simple type

- Mar 14, 2018 -

Automatic type

The model that emerges in response to rising demand for labor and product quality. Can be combined into a device with a high degree of automation through motors, electrical components, pneumatic components, transmissions, sensors, and control systems. Usually can automatically line, wrapped around, broken clip line, twist line, loading and unloading. Operators only need to ensure that the raw materials are sufficient. When there is no workpiece or copper wire, timely replacement can ensure continuous production. Usually, the number of axes is high to achieve high-efficiency production. Machines with a sufficiently high degree of automation can meet the requirements of one employee to look after multiple devices at the same time.

Advantages: Operators do not need to be trained directly, have high production efficiency, uniform product quality, and can work without interruption for a long time.

Suitable for mass production of a single mature product.

Semi-automatic type

It is the most widely used winder in China, and it can only achieve automatic cable routing, and all operators need to complete the operation. Usually, the number of axes is small to match the operating time of the operator, and it is convenient to replace different molds to produce different products.

Advantages: The price is cheap, some machinery can not be completed by the manual process, equipment deviation can be adjusted by the operator to compensate for the replacement of the product is convenient.

Disadvantages: There are many labors to be equipped, and employees need a certain amount of training, which is limited by the operator's operational proficiency.

Suitable for low-cost production, new product production, a variety of small batch production.

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