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All kinds winding machine

- Mar 14, 2018 -

winding machine have winding different kinds material wire:

enameled copper wires (winding coils for electronic and electrical products),

 enamelled aluminum wires,

 textile wires (yarns and coils for winding textile machines),

 and windings Heating wires and solder wires, wires, cables, etc.

A wide variety of winding machines, according to their use classification, can be divided into general-type and special-type;

general type winding machine - suitable for a variety of product winding machine, as long as the replacement of the corresponding mold and instructions can correspond to the processing of different products.

special type winding machine - Winder for a specific product.

Common special winding machines are:

Square transformer

1、Square transformer special--(thin wire special machine, thick wire special machine)

2. Dedicated to the toroidal transformer - (large ring machine, ring machine, small ring machine)

3, other types of transformers

Motor Coil

1, fan motor dedicated machine (seat fan, ceiling fan, rotary fan).

2, toys, micro-motor-specific machine (flying fork, dedicated around the head type).

3, string-excited rotor coil machine (electric tools).

4, sub-horsepower motor, and large horsepower motor dedicated machine.

Inductor coil

1, in the week and color code inductance dedicated machine.

2, small magnetic ring inductance coil machine.

3, speaker frequency coil dedicated machine

4, fluorescent lamp (electronic energy-saving lamp) ballast special machine.

Other speaker voice coils

1, speaker voice coil machine.

2, special electric heating machine.

3, insulation tape wrapping machine.

4, textile yarn dedicated machine.

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