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Winder maintenance

- Jan 24, 2018 -

The first step is to repair the winding machine according to the fault phenomenon, as soon as possible to determine the true cause of the fault and the fault site, these fault handling methods, the actual use of no strict boundaries, and sometimes only one way to troubleshoot, It may also require a variety of methods at the same time. Its effectiveness depends mainly on the experience of service technicians and their depth of understanding and mastery of system principles and structures. This is not only the quality of maintenance personnel must have, but at the same time to the maintenance staff made a very high demand, it requires CNC winding machine maintenance personnel familiar with the winding machine structure and design ideas, familiar with CNC winding machine performance, only In this way, we can quickly identify the cause of the malfunction, determine the location of the fault, in addition, the maintenance of some circuits and parts for on-site mapping, as a senior maintenance staff should also have the ability to draw a certain drawing