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Transformer winding machine features

- Jan 24, 2018 -

Transformer winding machine is mainly used in the winding of high and low voltage transformer windings, mainly divided into automatic, CNC two categories, CNC machine is the application of more equipment, transformer winding machine after several generations of improvement and development , In the function and processing capabilities have been rapid development.

The structure of the transformer winding machine is mainly composed of the fuselage, the machine frame, the spindle mechanism, the tailstock support, the base and other components. Since the transformer coil has a certain weight and needs to bear the external force of tapping and shaping at the same time, Machine fuselage, rack are used to withstand strong steel, according to the size of the processing capacity is divided into small, medium and large three categories, bearing capacity is not the same.

The spindle system is a key part of the transformer winding machine. It will amplify the torque output after the motor's power is decelerated by multiple stages. The winding of the transformer has been satisfied. Generally, the structure of the motor + deceleration mechanism is used to configure the speed change mechanism Generally adopt the motor frequency conversion speed reducer gear or switch to achieve.