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How to repair winding machine by yourself?

- Mar 14, 2018 -

How to repair winding machine by yourself?

Winding machine fault classification is nothing more than: electrical, mechanical, transmission, pneumatic (if any) of these types, of which the electrical part is divided into strong, weak, and winding machine manufacturers generally in its numerical control system In the design, use, and maintenance, it is considered to give alarms to vulnerable and easily faulty parts. After the alarm circuit is working, on the one hand, the alarm information such as sound and light is given on the display screen or the operation panel, and on the other hand, the protective instructions are issued. Power off or stop the system to ensure safety and prevent the expansion of the fault


Whole reset method

Under normal circumstances, the winding machine due to instantaneous failure caused by the whole machine error, can be used to reset the hardware or switch system power in order to clear the fault, if the system working memory due to unstable voltage, plug the circuit board or rectifier power supply voltage caused confusion The system must be initialized and cleared. Before clearing, the current data backup record should be taken care of. If the fault cannot be eliminated after the reset is initialized, the hardware replacement diagnosis is performed.

Prepare test procedures

The preparation of a reasonable procedure and successful operation is the basis for determining whether the whole system function is intact or not. Some winding parameter setting errors may cause the system failure or a function to be invalid, and sometimes the user program error causes the failure shutdown. You can use the preparation of trial run procedures to check and correct user program errors to ensure their normal operation.

Make good use of adjustable parts

The adjustment of adjustable components such as winding tension, screen voltage, starting position of the cable tray, etc., is a simple but effective method in maintenance. Through the adjustment of adjustable parts, some innocuous faults are corrected. For example, in a certain enterprise repairing a winding machine that has been used for many years, its system display screen is dark, and it is normal after adjusting the screen power supply voltage.

Spare part replacement method

In the maintenance of the winding machine, replacing the parts that have been faulty with the used spare parts, after the maintenance personnel basically judges the cause of the fault, this method can be used to rapidly diagnose the fault range and quickly put the winding machine into normal operation, and then the bad Parts return to repair, which is the most common troubleshooting method.

Improvement of environmental quality law

For some very strange faults, using the exclusion method can not find the reasons, often need to start from the surrounding environment, the environment is generally divided into two types, power and space. The power supply can be improved by using a regulated isolated power supply to improve the fluctuations from the power supply. For some high-frequency interference from the power supply, capacitive filtering can be used. Through these preventive measures, the failure caused by the power supply can be reduced, and the grounding can be increased and checked. It is also very necessary. There are many reasons for space interference, such as dust and gas, virtual floating and vibration of foundations, and space radiation interference. There are many things that need to be tested and maintained by experienced service technicians and professional equipment.

Maintenance Information Tracking

According to the actual work of the winding machine and past fault records, it can be found that the accidental fault caused by the winding machine design or production process defects can be solved by continuously modifying and improving the system software or hardware. These changes are continuously provided to maintenance personnel in the form of maintenance information. Through these customer feedbacks, the company can use this as the basis for troubleshooting, correctly and thoroughly eradicate the failure, and the user's reasonable feedback is also a powerful boost to our company's continuous improvement.

In short, the first step of winding machine maintenance is to identify the real cause of the fault and the location of the fault as soon as possible according to the fault phenomenon. There is no strict limit to the actual fault handling of these fault handling methods, and sometimes only one method can be used. Failures may also require multiple methods to be performed at the same time. The effect depends mainly on the experience of the maintenance technician and the depth of understanding and mastery of the system principle and structure. This point is not only the quality that the maintenance personnel must have, but also puts high requirements on the maintenance personnel. It requires the maintenance staff of the NC winding machine to be familiar with the structure and design idea of the winding machine and be familiar with the performance of the NC winding machine. In this way, it is possible to quickly find the cause of the fault and determine the location of the fault. In addition, in order to perform on-site mapping of certain circuits and parts during maintenance, the senior maintenance personnel should also have the ability to draw engineering drawings.

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