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How to calculate guitar pickup coils turns?

- Mar 20, 2018 -

An example of measuring and calculating the total number of coils of an electric guitar pickup coil (for self-made pickups)


For example: an ST electric guitar single-coil pickup ,and use the MF-47 multimeter Rx100 file to measure the linear resistance = 6500 ohms or so, that is, 6.5KΩ (kilometers) to find the total number of windings of the enameled coil?


Use micrometer to measure the diameter of the enameled wire .

 take out 100 circles and measure with the multimeter Rx10 ohms file, the resistance value is about 128 ohms,

First free to take the letters to customize:

B - indicates the multiple of the comparison value

Rz———denotes the total resistance of the pickup coil (6500 ohms has been measured)

Rt - represents the value of the sampled resistance (this time is 100 T, measured as 128 ohms)

T——denotes the total number of turns of the pickup coil


Find the value of T? Note: T represents the unit of the number of coils. For example, 1T =1turns

Calculation: B=Rz/Rt

      = 6500 ohms/128 ohms = 50.78125 (times ratio)



   = 50.78125 × 100 laps

   = 5107.125 laps (T)

The number of coils in the pickup coil = 5078.125 turns 5078T Look! The result of the calculation is about 5,000 laps. . .

At the same time, roughly measuring the length of each circle of about 12.8 to 14 cm, the length of the enameled wire is calculated to be 5078T/12.8 to 14 cm = 396.7 to 362.7 m, and the upper and lower error is measured by about +/- 30T.

 guitar pickup coil winding machine





WDT-01 English touch screen controller CNC guitar pickup coil winding machine


Computer controlled general transformer and bobbin winder with single winding heads. Recommended for wire gauge 44-12



Microprocessor controlled, English touch screen ,capable of holding 1500 program sequences which may be run independently or in selected blocks for compound windings.



Spindle drive - High torque brushless DC induction motor producing a max torque of 78.5 Ncm.

Traverse - Constant current driven 4-phase stepper motor.



Wire guide is capable of holding four different sizes of wire at the work piece.



guitar pickup coils


Package Includes:

Margin tape & cover tape attachments and wire feeder system, footswitch(option) and comprehensive manual.





Spindle No.


Winding speed


Winding wire diameter


Winding coil diameter


Traverse distance



220v/50-60Hz (customizable)





Winding machine advantages

1. Power-off save winding data, effectively avoid scrap coil.

2. wind to bobbin end side, intelligent deceleration, can fast winding thick wire.

3. Machine can automatic measure out the start winding data and winding width.

4. Can set the spindle climb time, you can set the winding speed up and down when the machine winding.

5. Full-English touch screen display, the operation more convenient and quick.

6. The use of Japan imported bearings, belts, Taiwan imported inverter and screw to ensure stable performance.

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