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How to choose Headphone voice coil material?

- Mar 20, 2018 -

How to choose Headphone voice coil material?

 The voice coil, which is located inside the magnetic circuit and is connected with the speaker diaphragm, is the first element to bear the power; it is equivalent to the heart of a moving coil speaker and restricts the life of the speaker. It is the most important factor in determining various indicators of the speaker. One of the indicators. 

With the gradual increase in the use of speakers, the voice coil must have considerable heat resistance, to withstand the provisions of the noise power and long-term maximum power, but it also has enough stiffness and accuracy, and can withstand high temperatures above 85 °C, -Low temperature below 40°C and the test of cold and heat shock, so today's voice coil design for small speakers (especially headphones) is extremely demanding.


The voice coil of a traditional speaker basically consists of a heat-generating bobbin and a coil; the voice coil of the headphone speaker is slightly different. Because the power of the earphone is not as large as a conventional speaker, the temperature generated during the motion is not high, and The volume of the headphone speaker is small and the vibration quality is limited, so basically it is impossible to use the coil bobbin and only the coil. 

Therefore, the wire of the earphone voice coil needs to have several characteristics: autogenous molding, heat resistance, rigidity and precision. Usually, the earphone voice coil uses an enameled wire.

1,what is the enameled wire?

The insulation coating is applied to the outside of the metal conductor (usually the most common copper) and wound into a coil. After the power is applied, a magnetic field is generated in the coil. This insulated wire that is used to wind the insulated coil and can generate a magnetic field is called "enameled wire. ".


What is the "lacquer" of the enameled wire?

Wireenamel is a coating that can produce a good insulation between wires and wires in a winding. It is mainly used for the bare copper wire, alloy wire and glass wire outer cover of various wire diameters to improve and stabilize. Enameled wire properties.

,2,what is the self-inflation line?

The shapes of the coils are various. For an air-core coil, there is only an insulating layer outside the insulated wire. In the absence of a bobbin, it is difficult to maintain the shape of the coil. The coil that can hold the shape is called "self-infusing line". The self-melting line is composed of conductor, insulating layer and glue layer. The reason why it can maintain the shape depends largely on the material of the insulating layer and the glue layer.



The type of self-healing wire is determined by the material of the conductor, the insulating layer and the glue layer. We call the sum of the thicknesses of the insulating layer and the glue layer “film thickness”. The thickness of the film determines the type of self-melting wire; the diameter of the conductor indicates the diameter of the self-melting wire.

Third, enameled wire coating material

Good performance self-melting wire, the insulation layer needs to have high mechanical strength, anti-Freon refrigerant, and the impregnating paint has a good compatibility, can meet the heat resistance, impact resistance, oil resistance and other requirements. The glue layer is also not a “glue” as we imagine it, but a coating material.

The voice coil of the earphone speaker vibrates and works after being energized. Therefore, the wire must have certain heat resistance and rigidity; at the same time, since the voice coil will drive the diaphragm to respond and transmit sound, the voice coil wire needs to have lighter weight. Increase the sensitivity of the sound. The poor voice coil wire design melts the glue coating after it is heated, causing the speaker to produce abnormal sound or no sound. Therefore, it is very important to use a stable and excellent enameled wire.


Headphone voice coil winding machine





Computer controlled general transformer and bobbin winder with single winding heads. Recommended for wire gauge 38-9




Spindle No.


Winding speed


Winding wire diameter


Winding coil diameter


Traverse distance



220v/50-60Hz (customizable)





• System Enhancement with Foot Pedal Speed Control


Winding machine advantages


1. Using microcomputer controller, data easy to set

2. Traverse motor using stepper motor, winding high speed, high precision

3. machine can automatic measure out the start winding place data, and can display the current traverse device position

4. 0-999 group step to set the capacity to store up to 999 different specifications of the product, work as long as the recall of the product where the step position, you can directly produce products

5. The product can be divided into sections from the starting point, width, wire pitch, winding turns, speed, etc., in order to achieve multi-speed multi-purpose

6. Foot switch device, fast and convenient production operations


Coil winding:

Headphone voice coil .

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