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Automatic cable winding machine

- Jan 24, 2018 -

Automatic cable winding machine is winding high voltage coil distribution transformers dedicated equipment. Winding coil with this kind of equipment, compact structure, small size, high strength. To further improve production efficiency, the new winding machine host speed increased from 300rad / min to 500rad / min. Cable agencies from a single head increased to two or three head, that is, at the same time around the three coils. At the same time the use of multi-line (up to 4) and around; increase the radial compression mechanism; independent control of each release reel tension, so that the winding wire neatly arranged, close turn evenly, the current density is evenly distributed. At the same time with the end of the insulation unwinding mechanism, wire tensioning mechanism, the computer can be placed a variety of parameters, the coil can be wound once completed, greatly increased the degree of automation, reducing the labor intensity of workers.